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OBJECTIVE To Continue the Application of Experience in Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Systems and Software.
SUMMARY Automotive:  Electronic/Multiplexing Systems and Integration; Production Support
Telecommunications:  In-Circuit/Functional Test Engineering; CAD Translation; Troubleshoot/Repair of Circuit Packs
Hvac / Building Automation:  Automation Control Hardware and Software; Troubleshooting of Building Hardware/Software
Miscellaneous Software: Visual Basic, Excel and Macros, PLC Ladder Logic, Labview Trained, Visio, Camcad, PLM80, PIC Basic, Lua
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Nov 2011 – Current Havel (an Emcor Company), Building Automation and Controls
Controls Specialist
Schneider Electrics Andover (Terminal, CSS, Castalyst Pro, Continuum), Smart StruxureWare and Lite

- Apply/modify/write building automation control software, support building automation control systems and software (present to 20+ years)
- Variety of systems controlled by building automation, like:  boilers, chillers, cooling tower, air handling units, heat pumps, sumps, vfd's, furnace and A/C, vav's, door access and security, non-graphics and graphics front ends
- Line by line or block level graphical programming (Plain English and Lua)
Support a wide range of controllers to accommodate distributed intelligence in the building using a multitude of communication protocols at the engineers discretion (like Infinet, BACnet, Modbus, LON, Wireless, etc.)
- Use teamwork across multiple disciplines to harmonize and deliver results while also keeping a work environment that is safe for all
- Developed a macro for testing Andover software that is surprisingly similar to Andovers Plain English language and allows testing separate from the building
- Developed a macro to do batch loading of large dataset changes in Continuum
- Support large customer base and multiple projects
- Many remote desktop approaches used to support customer base, reducing travel time and expense (when available and appropriate)

Jan 2011 – Sep 2011 Marengo Fabricated Steel, Ltd, Marengo, Ohio
(< 1 Year) Electrical Engineer for Manufacture of Electrical Control Panels and Projects
2500+ Manufactured of Electrical Control Panels

Directed a 6 Person Team to Manufacture Higher Volume Project (4 to 6 month); Setup and Maintained Wire Cutter/Stripper Machine Programs, Shop Layout, ESD Control, Directed and Trained Personnel, Schematic Drawings; Final Assembly and Test of UL Listed Electrical Control Panels, Managed Parts Inventory Control, Designed and Programmed Cable Tester Using Basic Stamp 2 as the Core (thousands tested successfully).

Nov 2002 – Dec 2010 H-Tek, Llc, Electrical and Electronic Services, Delaware, Ohio
(8+ Year) Electrical Services and Manufacture of Electrical Control Panels (Marengo Fabricated Steel, Ltd)
7500+ Manufactured of Electrical Control Panels
Schematic Drawings; Machining of Aluminum Enclosures; Manufacture of Harness Assemblies; Assembly and Test of UL Listed Electrical Control Panels; Design/Build/Program/Test of Custom Equipment/Tooling/Prototype Concepts; CNC Programming (Gcode and Macros); Electronic Prototype Projects with Software; Small Scale Visual Basic Programming, Managed Parts Inventory Control Using a Custom Designed Spreadsheet.
Jan 2008 - Mar 2008 ITT Corporation Communications Systems, Government/Military Telecommunications, Fort Wayne, Indiana
System Tester
System testing/tuning on a Military radio circuit card (expert after two weeks, transfered to most complicated listed below)
System testing/tuning of a FAA radio application at both the circuit board and system level
Aug 1996 – Oct 2002 Lucent Technologies, Telecommunications Manufacturing, Columbus, Ohio
(6 Years) In-Circuit Test Engineer
Takaya APT-8400CJ Flying Probe Fixture-less Tester:
- Developed Tests for and Tested 40+ Unique Circuit Pack Codes (1000+ tested)
- Developed Test, Set Up Machine and Documentation for Shop (IMI's and TEDR's) and Supported Production Testing of High Volume Application (14,000+ tested)
- CAD Translated Files Allowed for Un-powered Discrete, Shorts, DNET/CNET Testing as well as Value Added Vision Testing Through Macro Manipulation
Agilent 5DX X-ray Machine:
- Developed Tests for 45+ Unique Circuit Pack Codes (1000+ tested)
- Pushed the Machine to Higher Levels of Operation (shorts within IC's, air pocket checks, etc.)
Agilent 3070 Test Machine:
- Fundamentals Trained 
Functional Test Engineer – and Support for Datakit and BNS Troubleshooting Lab
Datakit and BNS Production Support Engineering for 90+ Circuit Packs and 8 Functional Test Sets
Analyzed, Diagnosed, Repaired Defective Datakit and BNS Circuit Packs
Recovered Approximately One (1) Million Dollars of Defective Product
Aug 1993 - Jun 1996 Flxible Corporation, Transit Bus Manufacturer, Delaware, Ohio
(3 Years) Research and Development Engineering
Senior Engineer, Electronic
Integrated and Programmed Allen Bradley PLC System (SLC500) into Prototype Vehicle
Integrated Electronic Door Control System into Prototype Vehicle
Integrated and Flow-Charted Two (2) Electronic Multiplexing Systems into Prototype Vehicle
Jul 1990 - Jun 1993 Delco Electronics, Body and Chassis Electronics Division, Oak Creek, Wisconsin
(3 Years) Product Design Engineer
CAD Schematics
Electrical Circuit Simulation
Designed and Tested Electrical Circuits for EDU and Prototype Stages
Tested and Bench Marked EMC Performance in Anechoic Chamber
Production Support Engineer
Authorized Variations of Parts for Use in Production
Analyzed Design Failures and Provided Cost Effective Solutions
Provided Technical Support for Products Supplied to General Motors
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
December 1989 Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology
May 1986 Associate in Applied Science, Electrical Engineering Technology
Senior Design Project - Intel 80C85 Microprocessor Based Thermostat
Drafted Schematics and PCB Layouts on Computervision CAD 4X System
Etched and Soldered to Three (3) Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards
Designed and Built Custom Enclosure with LCD and Keypad
Programmed in PLM80 (similar to Pascal)
Indiana University, South Bend, Indiana
Aug 1987 - Aug 1988 Studies in Business