Addendum Highlights

Purdue University      (1990)
Delco Electronics      (90-93)
Flxible Corporation   (93-96)
Lucent Technologies (96-02)
  Functional Test
  In-Circuit Test
    Takaya Fixtureless Tester
    5DX Xray Machine
H-Tek, Llc                  (02-->)
  BS1 Basic Stamp Core
  SuperLogics and Visual Basic
ADC-1 Analog I/O
  Electronic Control Panel (BS1)
    Pictures_of_Electronic CP
BS2 Basic Stamp Core
  Simple Stepper Interface
  Proto_CNC Table
    Complex Lettering
  Timer Module (BS1)
    Pictures of the Timer Module
  Mini Tesla Coil
  Ultrasonic Control Panel
  VB US States Capitals Test
  Remote Timer Valve Control
  VB Multiple Choice Test
  PIC16xxxx Interface
  Omron Zen Program. Relay